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Wants to make maps again
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Wow, this hasn't been touched for three months. Just wanted to point out a couple things for those of you who use the music and haven't noticed: Y1 and Y2 use the same song although they aren't supposed to, and after I finish the newest version (2.0) it will no longer be a part the actual pack but can still be used, just with a few level title bugs. As for what's in the soon-to-be new version, Grassy Fields (Y1) has had some minor changes above ground and is completely different underground, Frozen Goo (Y2) is now Frozen Pit, and has been remade to use Eggscalibur, Lava Factory (Y3) is now Toxic Factory, with some texture changes and some slight changes to the structure, Final Fight (Y4) has been remade and is now smaller and you can now breath, and Lava Mine (Y5) has been remade above ground along with some texture changes, along with different textures underground with a small edit to the door. Only thing left to do is colormaps and Eggscalibur's cage. (Whenever I get an answer on my help thread for that...)
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