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Originally Posted by Phil the hegi View Post
uhhh... looking at your deviant art (and I`m just sayin`) you should... probably play around
with her appearance, because her pics look nothing like the wad...
just sayin`.
If you've known Hinote years ago, this wad was her first appearance and what you see on deviantART is an updated Hinote because she is part of a graphic novel series in the future.

At first she was just a character I wanted to try making on SRB2 because this was her first debut, I had no other intentions to use Hinote for future projects until I decided to reuse her for my own original series.

I could say this is a classic Hinote. How funny that sounds, but I have no intention to update Hinote using her new design on deviantART. If I did, it would be a separate WAD and would not replace this one.

Originally Posted by Sparkxster View Post
Phil, if you were to use Hinote's deviantart pictures as a SPRITE in the wad, or more so look like it, it'd be impossible due to the limited color palette.
That would not be impossible as her colors are still purple and black, but the updated Hinote on deviantART has an additional color which is lavender and cyan in which SRB2's palette does provide.
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