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That crash is rather upsetting and not something I found out before releasing it. I can only wonder what's causing it, seeing as the gravity change is implemented with a simple if else with the momentum being (obviously) inverted.
The only thing i could really assume is the game thinks your always right side up and fails to realize your up side down when using said move, but thats just a theory. If it is true, then jaspers shooting star move should also cause a crash, but i highly doubt this because the move is more of a mini double jump thats much more competent in gaining distance than the normal double jump. So my only guess is that when one uses said spark burst move up side down, the game doesnt realize this, thus causes a conflict and boom, crash. This is only a theory though, but your safest bet jasper is to look into the coding of the spark burst, as it obviously wasnt built with being up side down in mind.
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