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Title: Oceanside Cave Zone
-Music: Money Money Money - Talesweaver, ported to SMW by worldpeace

-Background: Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Island/Beach, ripped by GvS

-Horizontal springs + fixes by DirkTH and Lach respectively, thank you both so much

-TehRealSalt and the rest of SUGOI Team for making all of this possible and for giving me an excuse to make my first map, I would've never Shut Up and Got On It otherwise.

Notes: Uses a modified version of the spring fix script from Lach, modified lines are noted in the script itself.

Please note this is not the final version. While the map itself is entirely playable, I didn't have enough time to finish the latter third due to difficulty figuring out how to do certain things and my new full-time job, as such I will be using the polishing phase to both take suggestions for polishing and ironing out the kinks of unfinished parts.

Planned additions:
-More scenery; flowers, palm trees (as soon as I figure out how to make sense of SOCs), floor patterns.
-Much more drawn out ending.
-Possible relocation of loop.
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