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Originally Posted by Lach View Post
I really appreciate all the feedback, and I will be providing an update once I sort these issues out! Here's some more responses:

Spoiler: aaaaaaaaaa

I can't use those sprites since only the back angles exist. Thanks for the suggestion though!

How did you come across the moving peelout bug? I can't fix it if I don't know what caused it!

I kind of figured the inability to instantly switch to spring might be an issue, but I thought it would be even weirder to move the weapon mask buttons one space to the left (because then pressing 4 would bring up the third emerald). Do you think it would be better that way anyway? (Or even just making any of the weapon mask buttons switch back to spring?)

The homing attack issue seems to be a common desynching issue related to P_HomingAttack, since I can't find any other cause for it. I've switched it to A_HomingChase for whenever I get around to completing the update.

Are you referring to the three minute time over...? This statement confuses me.

I like these suggestions and the people in my Discord server like them too. I will be incorporating some of these (or variations of them) in the update! Thank you!

The palette is currently engineered so that he looks best in steel blue. Are you trying to push for him to be in blue by default instead?

Wouldn't that make it even more annoying? Since you won't be able to cancel your peelout to activate the spindash as you intended. I see no reason to disable the ability to cancel a move because one person is used to holding forward before charging a spin dash (which is not even necessary, so).

Oops! I meant to disable it only for CD Sonic, since his functions interfere with Classic's. My bad, will fix!
It seems that the running-peelout bug was actually caused by Monitors Plus (for some reason)
It works fine without it, I don't know why :/
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