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I tried out this WAD, and it is, indeed, very fun to play with. The spring spawn and Chaos Emerald abilities are entertaining and definitely make this character unique.

However, I do have a few things to say...

1. Sonic just doesn't look blue enough. I know that the Sonic 1 and CD sprites were a bit purple, but they were still blue. I know that this can be changed in Multiplayer by simply changing the player's color, but I think the default color should still look more blue. Some tweaks to the character palette could help do that.

2. Sonic's front-facing running (not dashing) sprites look very odd, mostly because they aren't facing completely forward and seem a bit messy. Also, one of the frames seems to have an ugly dark outline, for some reason. The standing and running sprites are fine, though, but I think they look a bit unpolished. And about the Super Sonic sprites, I don't know if it was the best choice to use Sonic 3's sprites as a base. I mean, they do look good, but it would look a bit more fitting with Sonic 2-styled sprites instead of Sonic 3-styled ones.

3. I've noticed a glitch with the 7th emerald's power. If you throw the emerald at the floor instead of at a ceiling or wall, you will teleport successfully, but you'll be stuck in one of the falling frames until you switch your ability, jump, or do pretty much anything that can get you out of the running/dashing frames.

With some improving, this could easily be one of the greatest character WADs on the Message Boards (in my opinion). Anyways, good job!

EDIT: Removed my suggestions because the spring suggestion had flaws and I had my weapon switching buttons mapped to the same keys as the strafe keys. Sorry about that.
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