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God help me this was a pain to work on, but I think the two people who helped me out tremendously throughout this update must have some serious condolences and thanks, seriously Prisima and MPC, you two are the best glue that will stick to something this salvageable and I can't be thankful enough for your support.

Updated to:
Version 8

Let's get the bosses out of the way. (Special Thanks to RoddyTV for this visual showcase.)

-ManimiFire has created a new Metal Knuckles Boss.

-Twisted Mobile makes its appearance.

-Enemy Rush, now known as Badnik Citadel is now made by MPC with a better handling of the gauntlet gimmick.

-Metal Sonic Redone now has a few modified attacks in the pinch phase that will give you a surprise!

-Cactus Shield Mobile, now known as Prickle Pod (Thanks Prisima) will be guaranteed to cause less lag thanks to MPC.

-While it may not be much, Robo-Hood is looking a little more flashy for his Super Form.... also known as his "elite" form. He also gets a new theme for his form, thanks to Digiflower5#7938 for the suggestion.

-Pumpkin Head's little ghost's attacks have been modified to be a little less hectic. The boss also doesn't break upon spindashing on top of the boss on spawn.

-Egg Frostburn has a new Ice gimmick, make sure you break out of the Ice in time before Eggman tries to burn you!

Now for the stuff that may not matter...

-New VS Intro for every boss except the extras.

-New Emerald Sense indicator: A new indicator that helps you check the status of being able to get the emerald from a boss.

-New Explosion Particle effect by Prisima that helps reduce lag for low-end PCs.

MAJOR WARNING: It has come to my attention that this mod is heavy, so heavy in fact that custom mods that use custom states of their own may not load properly when combined this mod. Please keep that in mind when adding characters and other modifications with Boss Mayhem.
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