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Thanks for waiting -- this ended up being a bit more than a hotfix.

2.1 Change Log

* Changed timer pickup -- instead of setting back the ambush counter, it will freeze/prevent the timer from moving forward for an additional 30 seconds
* Changed hyper fuel pickup -- instead of adding fuel, it will grant the player unlimited jet power for a limited time
* Fire Flower Proto returns as a temporary powerup, the Fire Adrenaline Rush (with quadruple the normal firepower!)

* Optimized/improved compatibility with SUBARASHII

* Random encounter frequency formula modified (30+15n -> 60 + 10n) (In other words, your first ambush will appear roughly 60 seconds in rather than 30. The formula will even out on the sixth ambush, at about 1:50 minutes after the previous ambush)
* Slightly raised encounter difficulty progression

* Fixed other skins using Proto's HP system
* Fixed proto_encounters 2 not working properly in console

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Quick reupload, needed to fix a couple blunders I just made.

2.1.1 Change Log
* Fixed red alarm displaying the wrong HUD graphic
* Fixed blue alarm showing up in some situations where encounters are disabled

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