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I only went for the CTF maps, as SRB2 Match is so far from my capabilities, it's not even funny.

Glades of Serenity by Scizor300 - 5/10

I'll be honest, the layout felt a bit awkward. I felt confused dashing around and trying to find the enemy base. It seems like you've set the flag up with a sort of base, like it's 2fort or something in TFC. It's not a terrible thing, as it does give a chance for the teams to better defend, but it becomes an issue when they start camping. Holy crap, is that annoying.

The aesthetics are nice, but it's something of an issue for me. Calm and peaceful music tends of offset me a little, especially for a fast-paced game of CTF. In fact, I'd missed some emeralds several times before I became aware that there's basically only one type of flower used in this map, nay, the game itself. Even then, I was still missing one because it had the exact same color as the flowers.

It at least has enough flat ground to keep a pace. That fact that you're playing a game and being shot at also helps a little.

As Red stated, it's a bit large for the standard 4v4, and Mystic covered my opinion on those freaking streams.

It's an okay map, but it's still not up to snuff.

Fungus Forest by RedEnchilada - 7/10

Okay, call it bias, but I really enjoy this level for the amount of effort you put into the water areas. Albeit, a bit of a kneejerk when you fall into the river and just barely missing reach to the land again, but it's nice.

The textures didn't quite scream "fungus" to me, but what do I know, I'm only in Biology II.

The layout is flat enough to keep good pace, and the mounds helped pretty well in keeping over the enemy, and in fact, helped out in getting up to the higher path, which might be a bit too flat.

The hanging platforms kinda freaked me out, until I realized I can just run through all the pits and then thok into the little cave.

My escapism helped me find some decent little routes in and around the base, so I've found 4 ways in, 3 ways out, the one in being from the cave. This does feel like a bit of a threat to the enemy. So many ways to tackle the base, so little challenge. I'd suggest a few mounds in the bases, just tall enough to get caught on.

All in all, a nice little map. Still some kinks, but it's done pretty well.
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