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Industrial Valley Zone Act 1 by Zipper 3/10

Some of the ideas present later on in the stage are nice, but some of the execution feels pretty bad and on top of that the rooms feel very bland. What I really like is how the pistons are used differently from the room that precedes them, the idea works pretty well; what I disliked how the second set were implemented, getting the timing down on how to jump on them gets a bit annoying due to how fast they move and it also seemed like the section they were in could have been made a bit longer to exhibit a more enjoyable. Will finish the details later.

Azure Temple Zone by Mystic & Prime 2.0 9/10

This by far gives any player that experience a lot of difficulty with Labyrinth Zone a GOOD run for its money. I like the high difficulty. I have to be honest, I was not able to complete this level and probably will not be able to because I am going to be too busy to do so, but I had a lot of fun with this level when I did get a chance to play it.

One thing to note though the gargoyle segments are well thought out and honestly makes this level a real winner to me since they add a lot of difficulty in their various types of placements, but one thing that did not seem all that fair was the updraft room. The updraft room felt moreover to a chore than a challenge compared to the rest of the map. I like how the level gives you difficulty to when you play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles in its own way, it makes it worth it replaying the stage as different characters each time.

Sonic's Schoolhouse by Boinciel 5/10

Sonic's Schoolhouse? As an actual level that is good? I never would have expected to see that. Although it is solidly built, the downside is how short it is. This probably could have had more content added to it.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 2 by Blade 7/10

Definitely an improvement over Act 1 in my opinion. The top path was okay but it still did not seem like it had that much going for it compared to the lower path in the beginning besides having more branching paths. My favorite part of the level were the indoor parts, I kind of wished there was more of those part in this act because they were fun and they looked like they had potential for other ideas to be brought in as well.

Chemical Facility Zone Act 2 by CoatRack 6/10

This level is one of the most visually impressive of this contest, but it has issues that hold back from being as enjoyable as it could be.
One of the most prominent problems are the slime turrets. Although the idea of having them is nice, getting sniped by them is not pleasant, especially if you have no indication when you are about to be fired at. Another major annoyance was how many of the mouse enemies were placed The mouse enemies can easily get a cheap hit when you just land on a foothold from bouncing off of springs or the orange slime due to their quick and erratic movement. The Creeper-bot was a nice idea for an enemy, but it seems like it would fit better with a level referencing Minecraft more than it would fit in this type of level.

The first path split was pretty easy to miss at first if you do not spot the row of rings and one contributor to this is worry about getting shot at by the turret, but then again that may just be me. The top path is more enjoyable than the other path, but there are still moments where it gets aggravating. The green mice enemy can be really annoying with its shooting you out of nowhere as soon as you turn the corner and in some cases when you are platforming with its quick and accurate goo shot, a suggestion would be to make it shoot in a low arc so that there is at least a bit more of a fairer chance to avoid the attack in areas where you can unexpectedly get messed over badly.

The only gravity parts I liked on the other path is the one orange slime, I thought that it was pretty fun to get through. The other gravity parts were decent, it just seem like they did not fit as well as the one with the orange slime.

Personally I did not have much of a problem with how the second path split was executed, although a little longer time before the machinery deactivates would be a welcomed change.

The slippery water sections seemed like a nice concept if it was implemented better than it was in this level, possibly as part of a longer end section for the level, but I do not get why that chemical tank (correct me if I got that one wrong) with the purple slime has a bottomless pit in it, platforming on it is annoying to do in the section with the turrets shooting at you and when it has small edges to stand on. Trying to jump up the waterfalls to progress was a pain, especially in that last room of one path where the turrets are firing at you. There was not much of a indicator that you had to stand on the outside of the waterfall then jump into to it to go up higher.

This act has really neat ideas, but in my opinions how the ideas were used could have been executed better and so could the way the enemies were implemented in the level.

Lightless Labyrinth Zone by ShadowHog 9/10

Fumbling in the Dark, Sonic style.

This level starts out a lot of fun because its main gimmick is trying to find your way in the dark with only the lights and rings guiding you in the right direction. The enemies worked really well with this level and the music itself was a nice touch since it summed up the type of time I was having with the level at first.

One thing that was an annoyance besides how long the level can carry on is how the crushers were nearly impossible to figure out at first. The first ones did not have much indication of where were the safe spots and soon after where do you find the second set of crushers without thinking that you may get crushed unexpectedly, the second one became okay as soon as you figured out that the row of rings are where the safe spots are, and the third set was the most aggravating of all them, there was no way of telling how to get through at first because of how it looks like the crushers start out low which makes it seem like they are coming down on you too quickly.

One last thing, holy smokes, that boss. I did not even expect the boss and it was a lot of fun to fight. It gets more intense when it leaves you with no rings or a shield if you were not used to a fight like it.



Green Match Zone by Root 1/10

This level was very bland and pretty flat overall. The outside area was lacking and having a pool of water that has a death pit in it is unfitting while not adding anything to the level itself on top of that. The cavern area was one part of the level that felt like it could have been expanded upon, perhaps as a type of segment that leads you to another part of the level or an open area that is less flat. I also notice that not all of the weapons are present in this level.

The best thing I would advise is to look at some of the Match levels that were well received and either keep on working on expanding it and fix the problems that were brought if you think it is worth the time or move onto making another level if that is the best choice.

Marble Zone by CoatRack 8/10

I like how you turned one of the zones that I like in the classics into a very enjoyable match map. At first I could not find all of the weapons and sometimes getting blocked by a cylinder when you are about to pass through a hallway puts you in a bad situation if someone is chasing you with a better weapon but the level was still built really well and a lot of fun.

Capture the Flag:

Glades of Serenity by Scizor300 7/10

It is a lot of fun to play in and has a creative design, but it kind of took a while for everyone to find the way to the other base at first.

Fungus Forest by RedEnchilada 8/10

This level was fun to play through as well. The level looks really nice. The paths all were all useful for whenever someone wants to try to quick route to the other team's base without running into too many opponents and I found myself enjoying this map a lot.

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