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Industrial Valley Zone Act 1 by Zipper - 5/10
This is kinda the definition of average. There are parts of the level that are fun, but overall there are a lot of cheap deaths and basically everything instantly kills you. Annoying green slime, death pits, and silly things like platforms that crumble for no reason. A notable annoyance is that the springs frequently don't point in the direction you're intended to go. Also, the waterslide slime is so cheap and impossible to get out of you might as well just use a pit.

Azure Temple Zone by Mystic & Prime 2.0 - N/A
I'm looking forward to seeing how people take this level, as it's very non-standard and brutally difficult.

Sonic's Schoolhouse by Boinciel - 3/10
So the joke is cute and amusing, but having never played the original the humor is lost on me, and all I'm left with is a boring, mediocre stage with nothing of interest.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 2 by Blade - 7/10
This is a lot worse than the first act, but it's not for a lack of trying. The ice palace areas are neat but don't work out too well, because the mechanics of this stage work best in the large, open air, which there's just a lot less of in this act. The large, open room with the first path split is by far the best part of the stage. The later areas are just far more linear than anything in the first level, with far less to do and see. Try opening things up a bit, because exploration just isn't worth it in this level.

Chemical Facility Zone Act 2 by CoatRack - 6/10
It's a lot better than it was, but that magic element of "fun" is still missing from a lot of the level. The reverse gravity sections are boring, and the enemies, while interesting for a bit, start to grate by the end of the level. The best parts of the stage are when you use the bouncy liquid, and while the slippery liquid is a neat idea, it pales in comparison and ends up being used for really awful things, like physics puzzles where you exploit the water physics in SRB2.

Lightless Labyrinth Zone by ShadowHog - 8/10
Wow. There are parts of this that are absolutely awesome and parts that are absolutely atrocious. The awesome wins out, but there are a few things that direly need fixing. First off, that triple crusher either needs to go or needs to be made a lot slower so it's visually clear when the gap is. Second, the gimmick of dousing the fire enemies is neat once, but the instant I'm forced to lure multiples of them across multiple rooms I am no longer having fun. These sections RUIN an otherwise enjoyable experience. I LOVE the usage of polyobject platforms in both places you use them, and the boss is exceptional and a ton of fun. I especially love the little touch in how everything returns to normal after beating the boss. I do understand that the level is an EWJ reference, but I really think that atmospheric music would have done this a world of good, as being in confined, dark areas just doesn't fit with a bouncy, happy vibe. Unlike your past experiments, this one is a winner that just needs some refinement to be truly epic.

Green Match Zone by Root - 1/10
I request that you actually play a game of match before you insist on continuing to create stages for it. This has all of the same problems as your previous work and is still almost unplayable. The pit under the opaque water stands out as awful, but the general lack of rings and weapons also ruins this level. Please read Level Design 101 from the Wiki, play some actual games of match, and look at the official stages to see how they differ from your level.

Marble Zone by CoatRack - 8/10
This is quite great, although a bit cramped in areas. I do wish you made that spring outside that leads to the upper area easier to hit at speed, though, as right now you basically have to dead stop and that makes you stupidly vulnerable if you're playing as Sonic. I really like how the rail is under a piston, but the pistons in that hallway should honestly be a little bigger because they're no threat at all.

Glades of Serenity by Scizor300 - 8/10
This was a lot better than I was expecting. The bases are open yet defensive, and the alternate route at the top was great. The problem is more that the middle room in the stage kills the flow so completely an utterly. The streams in this stage are horribly punishing to fall into, and it was not enjoyable whenever I did.

Fungus Forest by RedEnchilada - 7/10
I really don't like the base layout in this stage, and the jump up next to the Scatter is downright infuriating in any kind of lag, but otherwise this was a very effective stage. The base just needs a few places to hide, the actual ability to get some team rings, and the ability to defend the flag. The bottom route is also a bit hard to notice, as I didn't even see it until the second game. Perhaps move the tree so it's easier to see.
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