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Industrial Valley Zone By Zipper - 8/10
I like the style you chose and it fits very well, and i also like the idea of getting to the top before the acid reaches it first.

Azure Temple Zone by Mystic & Prime 2.0 - 10/10
Nice level design, badinks in a bubble and you get air from them. But there are some parts that require Tails or knuckles for it.

Sonic's Schoolhouse by Boinciel - 10/10
It's something new, and i like it. Guess this shows how the real game would be if i played it.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 2 by Blade - 9/10
This is good for a ice level, but i keep getting hit by the snowman robots, and for all of you bronys he used winter wrap up as the level's music.

Chemical Facility Zone Act 2 by CoatRack - 8/10
It's a good map, and i also like the custom soc badniks.

Lightless Labyrinth Zone by ShadowHog - 10/10
Another original idea, it took me awhile to find the exit, Keep up the good work.
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