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Heh, I see the similarity between you and Cortex. You're always defeated in the end by a small, furry critter. As for me, I have some suggestions for dealing with the Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles...

1. Have a teleported at the end of GFZ1 that would teleport them back to the start. This would be a cost-effective way, due to them only being sent a small distance, and it could function well, too.

2. Mass production of Metal Sonic probably would work, but you should probably steal the Chaos Emeralds and use those to power your own personal machine, as a way to defeat Sonic.

3. Get Tails and Knuckles' DNA and use those to create Metal versions of the other two, thus creating a perfect match for the other two heroes as well...

These should be decent suggestions, but you could, you know, make the Crawlas more dangerous.
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