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Single Player

Green Field by CZ64 - 6/10
I need to review this map once more, before I give comments.

Gelespious Mountain by Penopat - 10/10
Brilliant. You really could not of done better with this map. The implementation of the AGZ-styled secret was great, the flow went well, the PSO-based teleporters, and the music. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this map, to see all it has to offer. Needless to say, I did find a single peice of insignificant REDWALL on the map, but you really need to explore to find it anyways. :P Good work.


MAP01 - Castleon Zone by Glaber - 1/10
Small, no rings, maze-like, and un-deafed rings. Need I say more?

MAP02 - Glaber Glutch Mine Zone by Glaber - 2/10
Small, crouded, and maze-like.

MAP03 - Clinker's Cavern Zone by Glaber - 2/10
Small, Crouded, and *shock* maze-like!

MAP04 - Targetzan's Temple Zone by Glaber - 3/10
See Above.

MAP05 - Emerald Park Zone by Dark Warrior - 7/10
Small, crouded, and...wait, no.
Finally, a change from the rest. This map actually has some great potential, although it is too big for the rare software user. You went a tad overboard with the scenery and flowers however, making it an eyesore to find players.

MAP06 - WW Shootout Zone Zone by Glaber - 0/10
Dear lord. 0 Rings + Respawning fire shield + mode 7 layout = Goose Egg.

MAP07 - Icicle Pyramid by Glaber - 5/10
While this map suffers from all of the things i've previously mentioned, the main diffrence is that this one was actually pretty fun. Most of the time, people stayed in the outer rim of the course, sniping one after another. Gotta fix the translucent middle, however.

MAP08 - G. Glutch Village Zone by Glaber - 1/10
Unplayable, due to RedXVI Glitch. Now, I understood that that was not your fault, so you got an extra point from me.

MAP09 - Toxic Falls Zone by JJames - 8/10
While symmetrical maps are declining in popularity, this map shows why they really stand out. Nice idea, nice implementation, thus, a nice grade.

MAP10 - Death Egg Zone by Kaysakado - 0/10

MAP11 - Temple Tryst Zone by ST218 - 7/10
This one was not bad at all, actually. Unfortunatly, it suffers from classic ST218 syndrome: Too large, overload of rings, hard to reach areas, etc. Scale it down a bit, and make the middle part of the temple more interesting, and this map will really shine.

Capture the Flag

MAP12 - Wasteland Towers Zone by Flame the Hedgehog - 8/10
This one actually wasn't all that bad. Get's a bit harsh with the framerate with a large croud, but is otherwise very good. I managed to figure out the secret, too. You really have to make that thing a diffrent texture or something. ^_~

MAP13 - Mario Vs Sonic CTF by Sales - 2/10
I believe I do not need to comment this one.

MAP14 - Frigid Cave Zone by JJames - 9/10
All right, a challenging CTF Map! While I can easily spot the Midnight Freeze Zone, in truth, that makes no diffrence. It had alot of nice areas to hide, and many ways to go. My only complaint, is the lack of more ice peices in the middle area, but I guess it was just too hard for me. :P

MAP15 - Wooden Base by Kaysakado - 0/10
2D mode just fails in general, when it comes to netgaming.

MAP16 - Basilica Battleground Zone by ST218 - 4/10
Oh boy. As much as I adore the Gilgamesh theme (You know this better than anybody else), this map lacks basic CTF requirements. The distance between the highest ceiling and the lowest floor is a distance that is only suitable for Dive to your Doom Zone. The crushers in the blue base really farked up at times, making it an instant-kill. The castle doors, going off behind you in the blue base were just a pain. To help put this into perpective for you, play the map as solely sonic, and try reaching every nook and cranny of the map.

MAP17 - Daimondus Zone by Glaber 9/10
Xmas wall's + GFZ floor? Odd....
Anyhow, i'd go on and on about how this map is good, but most people have already done that for me. Indeed, it is a simple representation of Sapphire Hills CTF, but it works very well. Great ring amount, shortcut, and easily distinguishable bases. My only complaint, is the 2 infinity rings stacked on top of eachother.

MAP18 - Castle Canyon Zone by Mystic - 10/10
Win. Total win. Replace Duel Fortresses with this, now!
You made it large enough to enjoy exploration in, yet kept it mildly linear, to keep you on track. I can really see this course fairing very well in a large-scale mysticserv, or any other server at that.

Overall points: The match entries were sub-average, but I should expect as much, compared to past contests. The CTF entries, on the other hand, were a pleasant surprise.
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