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Yes I do, but Glaber Glutch circuit is missing a set of springs allowing Sonic to pass without help. :oops:
I sent in a fix but it looks like it got ignored. I guess that means I have to compleatly test my maps before submitting them.


Greenfield: Why it's Green Flower redesigned to work with a fixed camera. Interesting. 7/10

Gelespious Mtn Zone : All I can say is WOW! I only saw 1 redwall but you'd have to look for it. 9.4/10

MAP01 - Castleon Zone by Glaber This map came from the canceled game Jazz Jackrabbit 3 and was remade for SRB2.
MAP02 - Glaber Glutch Mine Zone by Glaber Inspired by Glitter Glutch
MAP03 - Clinker's Cavern Zone by Glaber Not to be confused with Clanker's Cavern of B-K. This map is from Banjo-Tooie.
MAP04 - Targetzan's Temple Zone by Glaber Also from Banjo-Tooie
MAP05 - Emerald Park Zone by Dark Warrior this was an interesting one. the fountan didn't work thoe. 6.5/10
MAP06 - WW Shootout Zone Zone by Glaber Mine Joke (A mode 7 joke compleate with mode 7 collsion) This came out of Wacky Wheels
MAP07 - Icicle Pyramid by Glaber Mine (Direct from Diddy Kong Racing)
MAP08 - G. Glutch Village Zone by Glaber This level is home to Glaber Base 4 (the metal building) the thwomps and spikes are the scuirty for the World Of Pain. This is currently the only map to have the WOP and get higher than 0.
MAP09 - Toxic Falls Zone by JJames 4/10
MAP10 - Death Egg Zone by Kaysakado Worse than Castleon. This one was like a person with beraly any experience 1/10
MAP11 - Temple Tryst Zone by 5/10

Capture the Flag
MAP12 - Wasteland Towers Zone by Flame the Hedgehog
MAP13 - Mario Vs Sonic CTF by Sales : It was my brother's first entry, and it lacked single player starts. 3/10
MAP14 - Frigid Cave Zone by JJames It was'nt to my liking. 4/10
MAP15 - Wooden Base by Kaysakado 2d doesn't work well with CTF. rotten Goose Egg 0/10
MAP16 - Basilica Battleground Zone by
MAP17 - Daimondus Zone by Glaber My best map!
MAP18 - Castle Canyon Zone by Mystic it was big and I got turned around at least once. 8/10

MAP19 - Sparkle Pop Zone by CZ64 5/10
MAP20 - Glaber Glutch Circuit Zone by Glaber This map was started because of the Tails Speed Problem in races. Because there was no Tails Flags I had to use the Knuckles Flags.
MAP21 - Tier by BlueZero4 Ugh this was horrid 2/10
MAP22 - Battle Woods Zone by Glaber The point of this was to battle your way through while racing. Intended mode is Full Race only.
MAP23 - Angel Island Zone by JJames the checkpoints where borked
MAP24 - Ice Cap Zone by JJames
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