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I would prefer we ditch the whole "PLAY" sprite system and go with what I made for SRB2RP. Instead of having PLAYA0, PLAYB0, PLAYC0, etc. for Sonic and whatever you want for custom characters, make it use STNDA0, STNDB0, STNDC0, etc. for standing, WALKA0, WALKB0, WALKC0, etc. for walking, and all that... Then you can have an adjustable amount of frames in any animation, so you can have a 26 frame jumping animation or a 1 frame walking animation or whatever. I programmed it myself and it worked fine, though I failed to get netgames to work with it, which is most of the reason I dropped SRB2RP. I spent days working on it just to break netgames. But if you could get it to work in netgames... You'd never have to worry about breaking character wads again. Because anything you add on would be optional, and you could program in what to replace animations with when one has 0 frames in it. But we wouldn't need to have 180 sprites in every character wad anymore. Thus we would have a lot more people willing to make a lot more character wads. Crappy Sonic 3 ripoffs would spring up from every direction, it'd be great.

Some kind of type-on or fade in/out text options for CECHO would add quite a lot to it. And possibly the ability to use a custom font whom you supply the first few letters of or something. And instead of making the words appear in the exact center of the screen, centering them around 30% of the screen from the top would make it look MUCH better. (Hexen uses 37.5%, though ZDoom only uses that as a default) Yes, I want almost all things from ZDoom to be in SRB2 one way or another, since I can't make ZDoom SRB2.

Also, if you could make the Knuckles bots let you jump on them when they're climbi- ... Oh wait, bots are my job, sorry.
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