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All right, having played through this 10 plus times now, I've narrowed down my complaints to two areas that I feel are seriously lacking in either detail and/or gameplay/direction.

Right at the start, I can notice a building over to my left, so I'm drawn to that direction, but instead of going that way, I'm moved to the right, to see a giant, bland, brown THZWALL texture instead, please add something to that area, it looks really ugly, anything simplistic will do to break it apart some.

Next is this cylinder segment, upon first reaching here, I went down, ignoring the gap between thinking that there might be another path with some more rings and such to find. Instead, I'm met with a dead end floor and a Super Sonic with too much speed, so I start fumbling around before I can get my bearings and go back up. If you're going to leave this area as a dead end, at least put a bumper there so the player will immediately get the idea that the gap between the cylinder is the way to go.
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