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That guy that ports
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What do you mean? I'm pretty sure you just got a hand of one of my betas e.e

Jokes aside, that issue has been fixed.

Also to note: It is literally impossible to bring the attraction to the Thunder Shield until 2.2.
The way the original C script has has been set up in the source code, there is very little chance to actually emulate it at all without lagging the game to hell, and attracting the rings properly. Sorry guys :/

In addition to this update, just so this stuff isn't locked to mod makers, you too can use some of the shields! Shieldreplacement.lua will replace Force Shields and Underwater Elemental Shields with the Bubble Shield, while Elemental Shields not submerged in water will become the Flame Shield!

Not only that, but a shitty test level has been added as well so you can try out the shields without risking the chances of ruining an already established level. More or less, this will teach you the ropes of each shield and what they can do.
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