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The bonus stages are sadly something I didn't enjoy. In fact, I've only played the first threes before telling myself that I didn't want to play these anymore. They don't really feel like Bonus Stages in the way that the emerald hunting is a bit tedious at times, and that you don't seem to get much of a reward out of these stages aside of maybe 1up(s) that you can get quite easily in the regular levels if you spend some time looking around for the score monitors that are scattered everywhere anyway.
The elsewhere levels are mostly just extra side content to give the pack more variety (and fun fact, most of them in this release are just reused maps from Chaoticlevels - see outdated releases - when I was a lot younger, but edited to suck slightly less). Unless you're trying to 100% for some reason, they're entirely optional, but they reward you with more ways to get emblems at least since you're rewarded with one just for playing them, and they all have record attack emblems to get too.
Also, there are 2D and NiGHTS elsewhere levels too for those who enjoy those modes, not just emerald hunting (though most of them are emerald hunts in this demo, yes - this won't be the case in the future though).

Also, the end of CardSuit 3 isn't just guesswork - how it works is, Jokers are bad, A's are good, Q's are the best, J's are dangerous. It's meant to mirror how safe the cards have generally been in the level up to that point, and the first two path splits give you hints so you can figure out the last two for yourself. Personally I really like the idea and don't really want to change it (especially since that section already replaced another ending idea I had that nobody liked).

But anyway, thanks for the input! I'm glad you liked the special stages, and yes, they're meant to be that hard since you can A) retry them as long as you have lives, and B) can practice them in Record Attack. Didn't want being super to be too easy, heh.
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