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So, after a playthrough of it, here's a quick review of what I experienced:

Lazy Shores... I don't have too much to say on that one, I like the beach level theme and how the level play for most of the part. I will say though, some slopes look really weird and/or are too steep, and also the whirlpool have particles going upwards, making you think that this should push you to the surface rather than dragging you down. You should maybe make that more clear.

Diamond Square was a fine city level, I don't have a lot to say about it either, and I don't recall having any blatant issue with it. Overall a zone I like the design of.

Cardsuit Complex was probably the best zone in terms of ideas and visuals, even the theme is something that is quite uncommon in SRB2. Although I enjoyed all acts, I will say that the end of act 3 is really unfair, the player basically has to put their luck rather than their skill to progress, and dying simply because you chose this door isn't really a great design choice. You should consider replacing that section. As a side note, the gimmick of the boss arena is quite interresting with the Egg Slimer, so kudos on that.

The bonus stages are sadly something I didn't enjoy. In fact, I've only played the first threes before telling myself that I didn't want to play these anymore. They don't really feel like Bonus Stages in the way that the emerald hunting is a bit tedious at times, and that you don't seem to get much of a reward out of these stages aside of maybe 1up(s) that you can get quite easily in the regular levels if you spend some time looking around for the score monitors that are scattered everywhere anyway.

Now the Special Stages: I have to say, that's the part I was the most excited for, and indeed the part I had the most fun in for the levelpack. The special stages are really hard though, I don't know if it's my way of playing them or if they're meant to be that hard, but I utterly failed Special Stage 1 the first time. And it took me several tries to get SS2 & 3 right. Especially because the default 60 seconds time limit is... quite short. I would suggest either modifying the default time limit for the time being (because there's no better DVDSS script, blame me), or adding a bit more time UFOs here and there to aid the player. But these were overall pretty damn fun, and really nice looking, especially the 3rd one!

So, yeah, a solid level pack start, and I hope to see more!
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