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Little late in my votes, but here you are.


Industrial Valley Zone Act 1, by Zipper - 4/10
This level reminds me a lot of the 1.09.4 days...and not necessarily in a good way. There's a lot of basic platform jumping and skirting obstacles in this level, which is perfectly fine, but gets boring if that's all you're doing. The theme is intriguing, but I'd recommend using a slightly more consistent texture set.

Azure Temple Zone, by Mystic & Prime 2.0 - 4/10
Unfortunately, too cheap to be fun. All the gimmicks were lost on me because they kept killing me. At least throw some more star posts in there excellent place would have been just before the moving platforms with the spiked undersides.

Sonic's Schoolhouse, by Boinciel - 10/10
I honestly can't find the words to describe this. What a scathing indictment of our education system. But so hilarious, and well-constructed to boot. Epic win, my friend.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 2, by Blade
- 9/10
Once again, you have delivered. A monumental piece of work that is quite worthy of following FHZ1. In the interests of reporting everything, I might complain that this level is just as Knuckles-unfriendly as the last one, and that the white fog pits cause substantial frame lag, but these are really pretty trivial issues. I salute you, sir.

Chemical Facility Zone Act 2, by CoatRack - 7/10
This was fun and innovative, just like the original, but there were a few parts that got on my nerves. The upside-down segment really didn't do anything interesting with the reversed gravity. It was basically just an upside-down hallway--no action, plus the camera behaves a little awkwardly. And I wasn't too thrilled with the long conduit of purple slime you had to straddle...the orange and white ones were fine, but the purple one felt annoyingly constrained. Finally, I didn't dig the slime turrets. There's not much point in gluing the player to the floor for a few seconds, other than to annoy him. Otherwise, a fine level that goes nicely with CFZ1.

Lightless Labyrinth Zone by, ShadowHog - 0/10
Please tell me this was a joke. I'm guessing it was, but I must ask just to be sure. On the off-chance it's not, let me give you a serious critique. This level is absolutely horrible, to the point that I could not finish it. It takes about ten seconds before the gimmick gets old, and twenty seconds before you start grinding your teeth. At one point, I fell into a pit that I couldn't see and had to climb out as Knuckles because I had no idea how else to escape. At other points, those enemies with the glaring eyes flew into me from nowhere. Yuck, yuck, yuck.


Green Match Zone, by Root - 1/10
Ugh. It is a terrible design choice to have a death pit beneath a pool of opaque water. Either remove the death pit or make the water translucent or both. Personally, I think there's rarely a good time to use opaque water at all, since it looks very unattractive. But even beyond that, the level is just a wreck. It's way too small and plain, and none of the weapon rings are floating. I'd advise you to get a better handle on the basics before trying again.

Marble Zone, by CoatRack - 9/10
Man, this takes me back to the time when I was just starting out, and I created a SP Marble Zone. This blows what I did right out of the water. I adore the attention to detail and the intimate loyalty to the original. And besides that, the gameplay is superb as well. The one thing I might change is the excessive use of Pumas...I know the real Marble Zone had jumping flames, but there are too many here.


Glades of Serenity, by Scizor300 - 5/10
Nothing amazing, but not terrible by any means. I'd try to make the layout a little less confusing if I were you, though.

Fungus Forest, by RedEnchilada - 4/10
Ditto. A pretty average piece of work with solid construction but a bit of a befuddling path structure. A little more so in this case, I'd say.
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