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I don't really have much time right now, so I'm going to keep the explanations short and simple.

Industrial Valley Zone Act 1 by Zipper: 4/10
I like the theme and the overall feel of the design, but some of the hazards are just cheap.

Azure Temple Zone by Mystic & Prime 2.0: 7/10
The visuals are great and the general structure is well-thought out, but the level design is often overly punishing.

Sonic's Schoolhouse by Boinciel: 6/10

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 2 by Blade: 7/10
The gimmicks are very imaginative (though the increased-friction snow is a bit overused), but the stage itself is rather linear.

Chemical Facility Zone Act 2 by CoatRack: 6/10
To be honest, this level didn't interest me as much as the first act, and the reverse-gravity gimmick didn't exactly help. And please, no more super-fast conveyor belts. The enemies and exploration value are top-notch, though.

Lightless Labyrinth Zone by ShadowHog: 3/10
Ughhh. The idea of making an entire stage that's just a pitch-black maze with few actual hazards was a terrible one. I got completely lost after three minutes or so because I had collected all of the arrow-shaped ring formations. There's a lot of effort put into it, but it was all for nought the way I see it.
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