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  • When you select multiple sectors in the 3D map editor, you can actually edit the height of multiple sectors at the same time!

    So you can, for example, select multiple sectors that make up some stairs, and make them all of the selected sectors scroll up and down in the right proportion. This can seriously save a lot of time when making a map!
  • There's an undo/redo panel on the right side of the map editor, mouse over to get a detailed list of everything you changed in a map - all the way back to when the file was last opened!
  • You can copy-paste parts of other maps into each other just like before - And it even supports copy-pasting between different map formats (could be handy if something like UDMF comes around)

You actually can do rotations and flipping like the old SRB2DB1, but this is actually MORE powerful:
  1. Select any object or group of objects - a sector, a linedef, or a group of map objects, or any combination.
  2. Press E - A box will appear around your selection allowing you to move or transform anything selected.
  3. A new panel will appear on the right of the map editor window called "Edit Selection" - mouse over this panel to show options to rotate, and scale the selection - You have an option for both horizontal and vertical scaling as well now!

More pictures should be added to this topic or a wiki page should be made to make these descriptions clearer

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