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Okay, time for my Single Player votes:

Rainy Jungle Zone, by A Cat
Rating: 3/10
Explanation: Okay, AGAIN? Come on, I get that you were taken with Sunshine Atoll Zone, but there is a big difference between inspired tribute and boring retread. This level brought very little novelty to the table, and the few original things it DID have, such as the elaborate collapsing bridges, were pretty forgettable. But there were more problems than just the uninspired theme. The level felt very cramped for an outdoor setting, and was a tad too vertically varied. The interior area with the death pit was tricky to spot in time to dodge (I dodged it, but only by sheer luck). This same area also had an inexplicable loop that brought me back to the previous room (why on Earth did you do this?). There was a bizarre invisible wall towards the end that threw me off. And the DSZ addon seemed like a cheap afterthought and a misguided attempt to give the level more depth. Try to create your OWN idea for a change. Don't just use something that worked in the past, because even if it turns out well, it won't be innovative. Until you do that, your levels don't stand much chance of improving.

Medivo Zone, by glaber
Rating: 5/10
Explanation: I was quite taken with the slope physics--possibly the best pseudoslopes in the history of SRB2--and all the custom stuff at least demonstrated a genuine effort. Furthermore, there is a certain flow to the level that makes gameplay seem continuous and solid. But in most other ways, this is a poor level. The whole thing was boxy, flat, and divided between hallways and empty rooms. Aside from tiny scenery elements here and there, it was all the same pattern of textures over and over again. Repeatedly using the same texture for the walls, floor, and ceiling is ugly and boring. And there was a trail of undeafed rings near the end (but that might have been fixed in the latest version). Do you want my advice, Glaber? Pay attention to detail, particularly in your hallways. That's probably your weakest point (and it's not exactly a piece of cake for me either, in all candor). Whenever there's no gameplay, whenever a player is transitioning between two significant rooms, fill the hallways with whatever decoration you can think of, ideally sector-based. Not to give myself a shot in the arm here, but you might try looking at Gritty Columns Zone from Tortured Planet, particularly Act 2. I frequently use this technique, or at least attempt to use it frequently.

Frosty Floe Zone, by Brawl
Rating: 4/10
Explanation: After the 2D entrance, completely forgettable. There are some decent attempts gimmicks and visuals, and some nice custom stuff here and there. However, there are also some areas that are distinctly repetitive and plain, and a lot of the level consists of running. The level starts out pretty well, but it gets sort of boring over time. You're really coming along, though...this is certainly one of the best things you have done so far.
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