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Single Player

All levels played in SP with Sonic, blah blah blah, let's just get this over with already.

Rainy Jungle Zone by A Cat - 4/20

A mediocre platforming experience with little concept of aesthetics. Doesn't seem to make any real attempt at engaging gameplay.

Medivo Zone by glaber - 10/37

Completely uninteresting and unchallenging level design. Void of practically any architecture whatsoever. Has a proof-of-concept slope with improvised "physics", which, while nice, is imperfect and doesn't excuse a boring, unfun level for being what it is.

Hey, Glaber, you know how you make these gimmick levels for the sake of showing off one particular gimmick? You should stop doing this and make a level I'd actually want to play.

Frosty Floe Zone by Brawl - 0.4/5

Oh hey, Greenflower Z--

WILL YOU PEOPLE STOP DOING THIS? I don't want to fish for the fucking map just because the creator is too lazy or incompetent to move it over to MAP01. Have some god damn professionality, for christ's sake.

I like the general concepts for the zone itself, but it feels incomplete, and the level design is ill thought out and ill put together. Just like the other zones, this feels like a bunch of nothingness with short spurts of "HURR DURR HAVE SOME ENEMIES" in your face every once in a while.

You want real votes? Then 2/10 for all of you. Have a nice day.

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