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Default Do not ask where to find WAD files (Help in topic text)

Wads can be found the following ways:

A) Use the search button! It's there to help you find old posts, some of which include the wads you want.
B) Browse the Releases section. This is where most wads are released.
C) Browse the Editing section. Sometimes people might post their complete or WIP wads in here.
D) If all else fails, Google it. Type the exact wadfilename into Google and put quotes around it.

If you can't find the wad after carefully following each of these steps, then the wadfile is either private or hasn't been released yet. In this case, try going to the #srb2fun chatroom (instructions on If you know who created the wad, you can ask the wad creator on the #srb2fun chatroom or send him or her a private message.

Don't make posts asking where to find wads, they will be locked and/or deleted. If you can't find them yourself, tough luck.
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