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This is closely related to Ricardo's crash. Except IIRC, his occurs when you fly over a PolyObject with Effect 5 on its first line, and mine occurs when you touch the side. The EIPs are slightly different, in any case.
Not the exact same line of code that Ricardo's crash has (that's line 174), but the two lines do the same thing. So this looks very nearly like the same bug to me...

  488d21:    8b 45 e4                 mov    0xffffffe4(%ebp),%eax
  488d24:    8b 55 e8                 mov    0xffffffe8(%ebp),%edx
  488d27:    0f ac d0 10              shrd   $0x10,%edx,%eax
  488d2b:    21 f0                    and    %esi,%eax
  488d2d:    8b 55 dc                 mov    0xffffffdc(%ebp),%edx
  488d30:    0f b6 04 02              movzbl (%edx,%eax,1),%eax
  488d34:    8b 55 d8                 mov    0xffffffd8(%ebp),%edx
  488d37:    8a 04 02                 mov    (%edx,%eax,1),%al
  488d3a:    8b 55 ec                 mov    0xffffffec(%ebp),%edx
  488d3d:    88 02                    mov    %al,(%edx)
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