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Another one in Botanic Serenity, this time a sigsegv: EIP=004b2667.

By the way, I used the latest revision found here: with the time and date of 22-Aug-2010 20:00 (just in case this link will point to a more recent version).

Originally Posted by AlamGBC


  4b2652:    89 e8                    mov    %ebp,%eax
  4b2654:    c1 f8 10                 sar    $0x10,%eax
  4b2657:    21 d0                    and    %edx,%eax
  4b2659:    0f b6 04 06              movzbl (%esi,%eax,1),%eax
  4b265d:    03 2d 90 47 a1 00        add    0xa14790,%ebp
  4b2663:    0f b6 04 03              movzbl (%ebx,%eax,1),%eax
  4b2667:    88 07                    mov    %al,(%edi)
  4b2669:    03 3d 3c ec a7 00        add    0xa7ec3c,%edi
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