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Originally Posted by I
You only replaced things,Made a new boss,Changed the level headers and made 4 new levels.Aslo...You added alot of music and that made the file bigger and alot of custom texture that made it too.
How to fix:
The thing replacement isn't funny...It's boring...
If you hit the boss...Probably you can get hit...Boring.
You shouldn't replace the SRB2 headers with that mod ones.
Remove all the custom textures and music...You can make a level without them.
Thats all...Happy?
Originally Posted by Kuja
Getting angry that he rickrolled you and telling him the NiGHTS game is messed up doesn't help AT ALL. It's a forum joke
I was not agry for the NIGHTS game messed up...And he rickrolled all of us.Oh...And:
Originally Posted by The Dark Fox
Rick Rolling isn't entertaining. So is PMing fake links to people. It doesn't make you any better, funnier, or cooler. It makes you look childish.
...Stop looking.
Really, go away.
I mean it.
Oh, good job.
You're still reading this?
You could be making levels or even finding the cure for cancer!
...Okay, now it's wasted. Good job.
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