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To say it straight out, yes, another update is planned for Silver. However, I need to make a few points clear;

This update will solely exist to fix Silver in singleplayer and coop, I'm aware that the past changes have completely revolved around ringslinger this and ringslinger that, doing so broke quite a lot of things let alone in the flow of simply playing as Silver in Single Player. I'm dropping literally every balance and support for ringslinger from the next update on as attempting to keep him fair for """competitive gametypes""" in the past updates has done nothing but turn the whole project into a clusterfuck that's probably not even fun to play as anymore, and furthermore, attempting to balance something for gametypes that are already as unbalanced as they can get was a poor decision from my end.

Do note that it doesn't mean that Silver won't work in match, but there will NOT be any attempt to make it fair to play against in any way to not take away from what coop/sp could offer or make two different playstyles, which would probably throw people off.
I can't give any release date as of yet, I'm really unmotivated and am unsure of every change that needs to be done.
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