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Could you please consider the following changes for Silver? He's so gimped without telekinesis recharge and there's a few other mechanics that make him rather frustrating to play as now as well as playing against him.

-Uncomment the psy regen lines, Silver is basically a sitting duck without his telekinetic abilities as that's all he has to move around and get away with.
-I don't know how this managed to slip through the cracks but Silver can pick up people in race and competition, which is extremely broken as there's no limiting factor to how long he can grab people. I'd reccomend disabling this behavior unless psynarchy is turned on.
-Adding some way to mash out of being grabbed would be a good idea as well for non-match situations in the event that psynarchy IS turned on.
-Perhaps adding the ability to target players with grabbed objects in competitive gametypes would be a good idea since Silver would no longer be able to directly grab and throw players.
-Silver should be able to target objects he is standing right next to, currently he is only able to grab objects not only within a certain proximity to himself, but also he has to be a certain proximity away from others for it to work too.

Also, when I'm hosting a ringslinger gametype server and jump in a pit as any character, I get the following error:
WARNING:...Silver.wad|LUA_TELEK:2180: attempt to index local 'inf' (a nil value)
And one last thing is that I'd like to request that Silver's psy pickup/ping be mapped to one of the custom buttons instead of the fire button. I could live without this change happening but I like to keep my fire buttons on my mouse for FPS gametypes and my custom buttons on my keyboard close to jump and movement for general use.

Overall I hope you can fix some of these issues I have and am looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future, Lat'!
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