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I just noticed how smart the bots in coop are. For example, I was standing in very deep water with a Sonic and Tails bot, seeing if they'd be dumb enough to drown with me while I had an elemental shield. The Sonic bot quickly reacted a few seconds before the drown timer, turned around, and ran to a far spring ahead of me to get air. The Tails bot started to fly up to get some air as well; and even more mysteriously, they both came back and repeated the process over and over. Amazing in my opinion. Just goes to show that SRB2 can be so much more than it is if OpenGL's the standard for the audience.
EDIT: I also noticed they collect rings. I went to Map 50 (Special Stage 1) and the Sonic bot did everything for me, all I had to do was guide it to the areas with rings.
EDIT2: They also kill badniks for me, but act strange toward Robotnik/Eggman.
EDIT3: Arggghhhh! It's doing that annoying thing where the game moves extremely slow when you open the exe again. Any help?
EDIT4: Had to re-download it. For some reason, it works better a 2nd time in windowed mode.
EDIT5: When using "addfile", putting in an incorrect or non-existent file name crashes SRB2CB.
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