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Originally Posted by Sparkz View Post
Am I doing something wrong? I found no such option as "GZDoom Visual Mode". Neither FOFs or slopes in 3D mode. Only a few thing sprites in 3D mode. Such as rings and starts but not the new shield monitors. No thing Z position, at all, which is totally bumming me out. And finally, for what ever reason my custom wall textures appear in both 2D and 3D Editing mode but then are replaced with Green Flower Rocks during a map test. This is particularly strange since I have not had this problem before.
First of all, the PNG version of SRB2CB apparently changes all textures to GFZROCK if they don't have the PNG counterparts.
Secondly, I just redownloaded DB2 and I can use offsets. The sprite problem may be due to the fact you need to add srb2.srb and SRB2CB.dta (?) as resources.
And thirdly, GZDoom Visual Mode needs to be activated before you can use it, in the Game Configurations Settings in the Modes Tab, like Dark Metal said.
If this doesn't work, do you have Doom Builder 2 or SRB2DB2?
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