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Default SpawnObjectRelative and Upper/lower 16 bits question

To any good SOCcers out there: I am trying to make a SOC at the moment and I am having a little difficulty with A_SpawnObjectRelative and with A_CapeChase having those upper/lower 16 bits things.

I am a bit confused on what they mean by the Upper/lower 16 bits, And Yet, I am trying to make something spawn at a specific Z height relative to the location of the spawner.

upper 16 bits = Z offset
^ How would I be able to set the Upper 16 bits for this?

var2 >> 16 = z
var2 & 65535 = type
^ About this as well, I'm not sure if this means that this would be able to spawn at a specific Z height as well, but I just need some advice on how I can set this.
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