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Continuing from the old thread, here is the list of changes in this version:

  • Launcher settings are now saved automatically to "SRB2 Launcher.ini". You can't currently load and save custom config files, but that'll come later.
  • Implemented a configurable drag and drop filter. Defaults to .wad, .soc, and .lua with .srb, .dta, .plr, and .wpn present but disabled. It can be configured from Edit -> Drag & Drop Filter, or by pressing Alt+D.
  • Dropping a file list ini onto the launcher will open it
  • Enabled those two checkboxes in the join netgame tab. They do as described... probably.
  • Added a dropdown menu to select the version of SRB2 you're launching so that the launcher can ensure it's generating the right command line arguments. Defaults to 2.1.X with options for 2.0.X and 1.09.X (although all they do right now is change some netgame related settings. I'll look into it and see if they need anything else changed).
  • Changed the behaviour of the join, host, and warp to map checkboxes. It was dumb to let the netgame checkboxes disable the warp checkbox, so checking the warp checkbox while one of the netgame options are checked simply disables those.
  • Changed the behaviour of some text boxes so that they automatically select all the text inside it (useful for typing resolutions, e.g 1280 tab 800, without having to delete what was there).
  • Fixed launching from other directories.
  • Added "Open SRB2 Folder" functionaliy. Accessible from File -> Open SRB2 Folder, or by pressing Alt+O.
  • Changed some behaviour of command line generation. When the dedicated server option is checked, all sound and video options are disabled from command line generation to save space for files, for example.
  • Poke-a-chu!

Coming next update (unless there's a bug):
  • Configurable server name and max players. THIS TIME FOR SURE.
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