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I swear to god, Windows Update ALWAYS screws up my color calibration >.>

Source (Warning: The source image is 37,7 MB big, you have been warned)

I thought about getting a new tripple monitor wallpaper and setting this huge 11686x2877 pixel image up required me to do some simple tricks. At first I just tried setting it up as a wallpaper but it was too much for windows and I just got a black desktop. So first I had to downscale it to match my total tripple monitor resolution. Then Windows screwed up transparency and I got THIS as a result. I had to fill out the transparency with black color myself and then adjust the image to the lower height of resolution on my two outer monitors. The final image ended up looking like this. It's really neat and a lot more colorful than the Aperture Laboratories logo which I got tired of.
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