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Alright... time to rip apart the single player levels in patented Kroze Style (TM)...

*Note: Not to be confused with ACTUAL ratings*

Waterfall Town:
Hahhahahahahah this is a joke level right? Right? No?
Lots of enemies along with tons of flat land where there is nothing interesting to see or do....

Kroze gives this level a NOTHING (Like what most of this level was populated with) out of 10.

Poison Palace Zone:

Alright, this one deserves a play by play of what happened while playing...

Wow... the start of the level feels exactly like it was ripped out of Dandjr Palace... and those celing/floor pillar crushers look exactly like the ones from the 1.1 video... *Checks to see who's level this is* Oh, that explains it... SonicMaster.... should have guessed with the Dandjr Palace opening and platforming sections... hey, these path splits and the way they are done feel just like Nuclear Sunset Zone 1... Yay! More Dandjr Palace platforming sections including the lift/turbine thing thats taken right out of that level! Peno should be thrilled! Oh hey look! A waterslide section.... just like in the 1.1 video!
WAIT! Something ORIGINAL! A room which kills you with a countdown timer if you don't get out within 5 seconds! Bravo for coming up with a gimmick on your own! You get a cookie!
All in all, the level played pretty well made despite from blatantly stealing whole pieces from previous levels that won previous contests that you loved.

It gets a Ripoff out of 10.

(Side note to this: After playing this level, I noticed that SonicMaster entered another level into this contest that cought my eye... Los Pants Gehts Zone which is based on Peno's other level... seeing this I quickly looked twards the Match section to see if SonicMaster had a entry in that as well, which he did... but to my sadness, it was not "inspired" from Peno's other level Gele Mountain... shame SonicMaster... you could have went 3 for 3 and that would have earned you the Tim Kring "I shall borrow this idea and call it my own" Achievement which is worth 100 gamerpoints.)

Now onto the final single player level.... Scrap Brain Zone Act 3:

Only glaber could somehow make a 2d Maze level in SRB2.... only him...

This level gets a A-MAZE-ING out of OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!

This concludes Kroze's Reviews for the Single Player entries for this contest...

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