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Originally Posted by "Lat'" View Post
Also, some big sectors are really laggy, like the starting sector of SAZ1 and those big sectors where you have to go up in ECZ2,

EDIT: Gritty Collums Zone 2 is unplayable, less than 5 FPS on the 2/3 of the level until you reload it!
In software mode, I actually notice less lag in the starting sector of SAZ1 than in the 2.0 build, though it isn't perfect. Still chugs like a frat boy at a kegger in OpenGL mode.

I remember having that issue with GCZ2 once in 2.0, but only once. I think it was triggered by being jump-happy on the sand slide that led up to the framerate drop area. This, more than any other lag sector in the pack, needs a fix.

Originally Posted by Tyrannic View Post
I also don't really get why the levels are supposed to be boring, at least not until Spacewalk (with the exception of Snowcap Nimbus, that level >.<).
Sure, they aren't the best levels ever made and some sections may seem to be stretched out for too long, but I still had a lot of fun playing them regardless. The levels mostly looked nice and had some interesting gameplay material in them. What also makes this pack stand out is that you can see how much dedication and work was put into it. Small things like the fallen-over train in DDZ really shine in that aspect. Also, Spacewalk, while being a bad level, is far from being as bad as it's being displayed sometimes. I think the only problems are the global gravity and the length of the level.
Agreed. I really enjoy the (not broken) 2.0 version of this level pack, and it is generally my go-to level pack when I don't feel like playing vanilla. Is it as good as vanilla? No; the tightness of design isn't quite there. But that doesn't mean it isn't damn impressive to have that much quality content in a level pack.

Originally Posted by SpiritCrusher View Post
I won't deny that a lot of love went into this pack, but it was almost exclusively directed towards isolated gimmicks and setpieces. Almost no attention was paid to macroscopic issues like how these individual setpieces are incorporated into the level as a whole, or the overall pacing of the levels. Which is not surprising: The overall structure of the levels has been almost completely unchanged since their initial versions, even though the content itself has sometimes changed radically. Fawfulfan steadfastly refused to ever delete content without immediately replacing it, or to reorder his levels in any way. Fawfulfan's method of making levels is akin to constantly adding stories to a building design even though the foundation was never designed to support them. The stories themselves might be exquisitely designed, but it's still a terrible building.
I think that part of the reason myself and maybe some others enjoy this level pack more is that we haven't seen this project from the start. When I downloaded it for 2.0, it was a complete product. It doesn't feel like stories have been added to the building, because the building was built before I was born (figuratively speaking). The duck tape and glue is well hidden, and I don't notice it.

I'm also not a level designer myself, and have no interest in the subject. I can only claim something is enjoyable or not. For me, the level pack is great fun, and generally aesthetically pleasing. I'm all for it being tightened up, but I still enjoy it the way it is... in 2.0. I'm not going to defend the current 2.1 release.
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