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Originally Posted by 742mph View Post
However, I'm honestly surprised at how adamantly you hate Tortured Planet's levels.
Originally Posted by Tyrannic View Post
I also don't really get why the levels are supposed to be boring, at least not until Spacewalk (with the exception of Snowcap Nimbus, that level >.<).
Spacewalk and Alien Armageddon are the only levels I expressed any disdain for in my post. While many others are mediocre, those two are the only ones I consider terrible. I don't think there's any point in debating exactly how bad they are, and that's not what my post was about anyway. I merely expressed my frustration about the fact that Fawfulfan knows what his mistakes with this pack were, yet he still keeps repeating them.

Originally Posted by Tyrannic View Post
What also makes this pack stand out is that you can see how much dedication and work was put into it.
But only on a microscopic level, and that's the core problem. I won't deny that a lot of love went into this pack, but it was almost exclusively directed towards isolated gimmicks and setpieces. Almost no attention was paid to macroscopic issues like how these individual setpieces are incorporated into the level as a whole, or the overall pacing of the levels. Which is not surprising: The overall structure of the levels has been almost completely unchanged since their initial versions, even though the content itself has sometimes changed radically. Fawfulfan steadfastly refused to ever delete content without immediately replacing it, or to reorder his levels in any way. Fawfulfan's method of making levels is akin to constantly adding stories to a building design even though the foundation was never designed to support them. The stories themselves might be exquisitely designed, but it's still a terrible building.

Many of the ideas in the pack are in fact quite good, but they're often sloppily implemented and strung together haphazardly. Or in the words of Mystic:

[10:07] <Mystic> It genuinely feels like the levels were built with completely random sector layouts. There's no thought put into flow or how things should behave.
[10:08] <Mystic> Just shit whatever into the editor and then add random scenery that also makes no sense, and ship it
[10:09] <Mystic> There's just no love or refinement in any of it
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