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I recently this early morning or very late last night finally beat the game as Tails. I was shocked at how the final boss was not ridiculously hard. I was very pleased by that. The best part of the game to me are the boss fights. They are very creative boss fights.
Yeah, the boss fights are pretty legit for the most part -- it really makes me wish we had a boss rush mode as an extra.

For some reason, everyone else is saying the secret final boss was too easy, but it took me like half a dozen lives to kill it. Though I guess I've never been very good at most of the Super Sonic boss formats, so...

The worst part of the game to me are the special stages. They are by far the most hardest and truthfully impossible special stages I have ever encountered. To give you an idea how hard they are for me, it took me several tries to get the third emerald and 20 tries for the fourth emerald. But overall the game was great except the special stages.
That's actually kinda weird to me, because I thought the special stages were pretty easy for the most part. The fourth and fifth emeralds can get kinda ridiculous if you don't have the physics down, but otherwise it's all pretty manageable.

I wouldn't know what tips to give unless I watched you play, but remember to take shortcuts wherever possible, and being in the air too much will slow you down (but also make it easier to turn corners). Also, you don't even need to cap your speed, in my experience it's sometimes better to just tail the UFO once you reach mach 2.

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