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Default September/October 2014 Voting

Welcome to the September/October 2014 SRB2 Official Level Design Contest voting topic!

To vote, play a few games of each stage in a division and create a list of all the maps in the division, arranging them from best to worst with no ties. If you are voting on a division that includes your own entry, you should list your own map as the best regardless of your opinion on the quality of your own map. Although it's not required for votes to count, it's very helpful to make comments about what you liked and didn't like about the map, so the author can improve for future attempts. Please separate your comments from your votes, though, to make it easier for us to tally the scores at the end.

Voting will end November 15, 2014 at 7 PM local time in the Eastern time zone of the United States. Like the entry deadline, this counts the United States's daylight savings time between March and November. Votes submitted after this time will not be counted in the tally, so if you want to be counted, don't vote at the last minute.

After the voting period ends, the votes will be tallied. For each vote, the map they ranked first gets n-1 points, second place gets n-2 points, third gets n-3, all the way down to n-n (zero) points for last, where n is the number of maps in the division. Each map's points are added together to create that map's final score, and the map with the highest score wins the division. Should there be a tie, the votes are calculated again with only the tied maps included. If this still fails to break the tie, the tie stands and both maps are winners.

The entries are as follows:

Single Player
Ring Valley Zone by RedEnchilada
Mud Mines Zone 1 by "Lat'" and Ors
Haunted Heights Zone by EvilEnternity3000

Dark Mansion Zone by BlasterGuy
Moonlit Island by Spherallic
Burning Oak by Brawl

Capture the Flag
Industrial Starlight Zone by BlasterGuy
Evilflower Zone by Zipper, SpiritCrusher, Badz, Spherallic, RedEnchilada and r543
Eggflagsion by CoatRack

All divisions are now up and voting has now begun. As before, "reserved" posts will be infracted as spam.
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