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OK, time for me to do some actual reviewing now.

Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber - 2/10
Well what can I say? The only decently designed part was the corridors where nothing was happening. I also noticed a box mounted on some speakers. Is that what you think caravans look like? That warehouse with all the monitors also can easily let you blitz the last third of the level, which is quite empty. Speed shoes and invincibility? You might as well give me all seven (multiplayer, the dev team fail) chaos emeralds and a couple hundred rings! Oh, pedantically, they're random, but same difference really. Didn't notice much memorable here.

Flooded Mine Zone, Act 1 by Spongecar 3/10
Short level is short. I have some screenshots for this one.

Yep, redundant bubbles, and redwall. Even Sonic can use the springs for air if you can't get the simple gargoyle puzzle easily, and I can see why you wouldn't, the walls make them likely to scuff your character and fall down. Also, redwall. Did I mention the redwall?

The only other part worthy of note was that odd anti-gravity area near the exit. Stealing from Egg Rock much? The only difference is it works there. Jumping over spikes while keeping your jump low for no apparent reason isn't fun, it's annoying.

Giving more than Glaber's map because I see signs of effort, but it's sort of like getting half a baby. Not half as cute as a whole one, a bloody mess.

Twilight Isles Zone by Thompson - 7/10

Now this is a decent map! Not a brilliant golden god, like many others here say, but damn decent. And quite above average. The platforming is tame, however. And tends to serve as a shortcut to get around some brilliant puzzles.
Protip: if you try to nerf a character because they break your map (or so you think) maybe there's something wrong with the map.

As the cechoflagged csay says, get a spriter for your socs. A novel concept, but if you wanted people to use the glider, put the checkpoints farther apart, and get rid of other platforms. Because I find this more fun.

Whee! I can see my house from here!

Yeah, that last hole is largely unneeded, and it would have been a nice extra puzzle to make people spindash (not a hard one, but still)

That whole collapsing platform serves to be a dick to Sonic. Nothing more. Perhaps if you put a collapsing wall here as well that's timed with that floor, with an alternate exit out of this cranny/a way to lift it from the inside?

I liked this, though. Really did. Early in, and all of a sudden, *WHAM* you lose your footing and tumble forever into whatever fate you desire least. Unless you don't suck. In which case, you jump and live.

All in all, some of the level was mildly confusing, but it was well done, except that a lot of awesome parts are too easy to cross, and I live by the path of least resistance. Blame my playing of multiplayer gametypes over one player.

Multiplayer reviews coming later!
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