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Soooo i was born in the era of 7th Gen Consoles (Ps2,Xbox) and thats what i used to play on alot.

But i realised we had older consoles like the Snes and Mega drive. We had an array of games for Megadrive but i played Sonic 1 first and i just loved the music and the visual style. We had sonic 2 and Sonic&K but not Sonic 3 so i was determined to play it since i knew it was tied to S&K stroy wise.

I was pretty young then soo getting a job was out of the question and we couldn't buy it at the time since Disk based games were blowing up and cart games were very scarced. So the family got a PC and i got an emulator to play IT.
This is actually quite exactly how I got into Sonic.
The different thing is that I used to play Genesis games on PS2 before starting to use emulators.
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They Didn't put my Homie Pikachu in SRB2MD *BUT THEY PUTED SYLVEON*

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