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Default How did you get into Sonic The Hedgehog?

I'll not sugarcoat it; i honestly made this thread so i could share my own story, though i'm not less interested in any of your stories with Sonic! So if you want, go ahead and leave yours below, i'd love to read them.

Now, i got into video games at an older age- at least, compared to kids now or even at the time, i can only assume. I got into games not long before or after the release of Zelda: Skyward sword at the latest... My first real video game was Coolspot (yes; my first game was a 7up ad.) but my introduction to AAA video games came with the Dreamcast collection at a friend's house; most notably Sonic Adventure DX. I was drawn to the character, and chose that game first. And i was absolutely awed by the speed, however it would be a little bit before i played another of his games. It might have been Sonic Generations on the Xbox 360, where i was even more awed by the speed; though that's not important.
I was absolutely awed by the speed of the game, and the cheesiness of the voice-acting had me hooked as a kid, i found it really entertaining.

Yeah, my story isn't anything special, and it's a little cheesy, but it's something i wanted to share regardless. So i thought i would here. Anyway, i'd love to hear all your stories as well!
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