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Originally Posted by glaber
Simply put. I've been raised not to trust torrents before even using them. I heard they could be used to spread viruses and since you are downloading from multiple sources at once (I believe this is what seeding is) the chances for a virus increase. You don't always know if you have a virus form a site you visited or if it's programed to attach itself to a torrent stream or what ever the proper term is.

I rather risk downloading from one source at a time and have to wait over night than take a huge risk for getting something faster from multiple sources at once.

Pirating has nothing to do with my dislike of torrents as it can be done with normal links too.
You're wrong. That's not the case.
Viruses can be spread by any given means. Torrents or normal downloads. Using a torrent does not increase that risk.

And there's a built-in method to prevent people from uploading fake files to you. And it's fool-proof. It checks the entire file every time you get a piece of it from the torrent. If what you downloaded off a computer doesn't exactly match up to what the torrent says the file is, then it is immediately discarded. The only danger is if the file you are downloading has a virus in the first place. Which, y'know, is JUST AS LIKELY to happen to a so-called "regular" download. What you're claiming is basically an urban myth of the internet.
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