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Originally Posted by Sonict
Originally Posted by Violo
Well if Torrent is the only way to go, screw 2.0. I'm not getting any Torrent of sorts. It'd be nice if someone coudl get the Torrent files and upload them for people not using uTorrent.
Can you and Glaber explain exactly what you hate about them? Right now, even if we had HTTP downloads, the speed will you get on the torrents is excellent. We will have HTTP downloads later so the server doesn't die.

You are going to have to deal with it for now.
I guess it's the mass illegal part of it I dislike. Never tried it myself. (doesn't matter, found a mirror on WadBase anyway if this doesn't work)
Also, in the manual, the grass texture in GFZ and THZ looks pretty damn wierd. Is it that scaled down version from the previous versions?
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