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Default V1.1 patch

Here is yet another patch for Silver that should settle our Lua issues for good.

1.1 changes includes.
-- Huuuuge thanks to toaster, the script has been optimized and shouldn't drop as many frames anymore in levels like Neo Aerial Garden and Azure Temple.
-- Character Select artwork now looks much better, courtesy of MotorRoach.
-- Psy Energy takes half a second to start recharging again as soon as you hit the ground, but will now recharge even during a jump.
-- The speed required to perform a slide has been lowered.
-- If you get stuck in the middle of a slide, the angle lock is removed so you can get out on your own. You cannot jump and get yourself killed anymore during this as well.
-- Super Silver doesn't have the Super Tails jump anymore.
-- Super Silver now uses the slide frames instead of the pain frames when performing a slide.
-- Synching out/leaving while holding a player doesn't give errors anymore and frees the held player instead of leaving it floating. Items however, remain floating and cannot be touched anymore until the level is reseted. This cannot be fixed without laggy thinkers.iterate, sorry.
-- Fixed throwing stuff on players being completely broken in 1.0.3
-- Fixed the player's Telekinesis aura clipping to the ceiling when it hit a wall.
-- Added other numerous validity checks
-- Silver's hit messages have been moved to a HurtMsg Hook, so there won't be any "x's tagging hand hit y" message alongside Silver's anymore.
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