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Originally Posted by Zwip-Zwap Zapony View Post
Personally, I feel like the psy energy regeneration is pretty fine as it is. However it would also be okay by me if it starts regenerating after a half second of not using psy energy, regardless of whether one is in the air or on the ground (instead of instantly starting to regenerate as soon as one touches ground), though probably regenerating a little faster on the ground than in the air.
This actually plays pretty good this way. Kept in for the 1.1 patch.

Originally Posted by SAMMY SWAG View Post
I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but in the most recent patch Silver is unable to use weapon panels.
Intentionnal, Silver already has Telekinesis shenanigans to get score and all in Match. However, you can still use Infinity Rings.
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If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.
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