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Default Any games you're experiencing for the first time that released a long time ago?

This is a sort of obscure question to ask, but I was playing through American McGee's Alice for the first time, and I wondered if anybody else was going through a similar experience of playing through something old for the first time as if it were new and ask how the venture was going.

So far I'm very much enjoying my time with Alice; a lot of the set pieces and the music associated with them really give off such a surreal vibe that's becoming a little rare to find in something more modern. Everything just oozes so much personality and charm despite being quite twisted, and I personally find everything to hold up decently well today give or take having to find a fix for the CD not installing correctly the first time. Other than that, I'm definitely going to put the time into Alice and probably catch up on the more recently released sequel afterwards..

But yeah, I'm very curious what you guys are playing and how they're holding up by today's standards! The game doesn't necessarily have to be caveman era old either so long as it's been a few years or so since release.
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