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Originally Posted by supersonicdude211 View Post
It's nice to hear from all of you.

By the way, are there any active level design contests? It seems like there's only voting posts at the moment.
We haven't much success with level design contests in a while now. You could say the community is less active and there's probably truth to that, but mainly everyone's been creating gadgets and gizmos with the new LUA scripting. I've said before that we should have like a scripting contest or something, but we'd need to come up with a good ruleset for it.

And regarding Spazzo,
I see. Was it that big of a deal?
I think most people would say so. I only mentioned it because it's why I left the forum for a while. Everyone else who was involved generally tries to avoid discussion out of fear that it would conjure up a shitstorm.

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